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The district of Palakkad known as the granary of Kerala is a land of valleys, hillocks, rivers, forests, mountain streams, dams and irrigation projects. Situated at the foot of the Western Ghats, this is the gateway to Kerala from the north. Palakkad derives its name from the Malayalam words Pala (Alsteria scholaris) and kadu (forest) which goes to prove that this place was once a beautiful stretch of forests covered with the sweet scented flowers of the Pala tree. The Land of Palmyrahs & Paddy Fields

Kumarakom General Information

Area 1,363 km
Population 2,382,235
Male Population 130,9554
Female Population   1,351,278
Altitude Above sea level
Language Malayalam. English
Religion Hinduism, Christianity, Islam
Rainfall Annual 243 cm
Climate Tropical
Tourist Season September to February

How to get there

By Air
Nearest airport: Coimbatore (55 km)

By Rail
Palakkad Junction railway station (5 km from the city) is a major railhead of the Southern Railways.

By Road
Palakkad is connected by an excellent network of roads to all the major cities in India.

  • Munnar -226 km
  • Kumarakom -236 km
  • Kozhikode -137 km
  • Kappad-153 km
  • Cochin-160 km
  • Trissur-80 km
  • Guruvayoor-95 km

Palakkad Fort

The old granite fort situated in the very heart of Palakkad town is one of the best-preserved in Kerala. Hyder Ali of Mysore built it in 1766. The fort was taken over and modified by the British in 1790. The Archaeological Survey of India now preserves it.


The ancient temple here has some fine woodwork and stone sculptures.


It takes a three-hour trek from the base of the Dhoni hills, to reach this reserve forest area with its small, beautiful waterfall.

Kalapathi Temple

The Vishwanatha Swamy shrine, the oldest Shiva temple is situated 3 kms from Palakkad. The annual chariot temple is a gala event. The annual 'Ratholsavam' or Chariot Festival at Sree Viswanantha Swamy temple lasts for seven days. On the last three days, beautifully decorated temple chariots are ceremoniously drawn through the streets by thousands of devotees whose soul stirring chants rent the air. The festival is dominated by three magnificent chariots, bedecked with flowers and flags, each sanctified by the presence of the Lord.Teeming crowds of people and millions of hands try to reach out to be one of the privileged to have the honour of pulling the chariots, as they proceed in stately grandeur.

Mangalam Dam is 48 km from Palakkad

The Mangalam Dam is constructed on the river Cherukunnapuzha, a tributary of the river Mangalam. A popular picnic site, The Mangalam Dam is located south of Palakkad town. The construction of the scenic dam was completed in the year 1956 Located on the Alathur - Vadakkanchery Highway, the reservoir fringes on the forest area teeming with wildlife like deer, elephants and a variety of birds. The entire area is quite fascinating with beautiful parks, lawns and statues.


Nelliyampathy is 75 km from Palakkad. By Road it takes 2.30hrs

The ranges here consist of a chain of ridges cut offf from one another by valleys. The highest peak is Nellikota. The forest contains teak of extraordinary height and girth. Estates of tea, coffee, orange and cardamom dot the ranges. Located at a distance of 52 kms from Palakkad, the cool hills of Nelliampathy, nestling atop the Western Ghats, offer a breathtaking view of the misty mountains and enchanting valleys interspersed with sprawling tea, coffee, cardamom and orange plantations. The height of the hills ranges from 467 metres to the tallest peak Padagiri looming at 1572 metres. Nelliyampathy has immense trekking potential. The community hall at Kaikatty provides a good camping ground for the trekkers.

Accessing Nelliyampathy from Palakkad is a sensation on its own, as one has to negotiate over a dozen hairpin curves on the Ghat Road, passing through the fascinating jungles of the Sahya Ranges. En route, 17 kms from Palakkad, the shimmering Pothundi Reservoir and its manicured surroundings make for the ideal stop over.

Pattambi Nercha

The annual feast of the Pattambi Mosque situated 61 kms from Palakkad, falls in the first week of February. About 70 - 80 tuskers are lined up for the festival.

Celebration Trends And Rituals

Celebration Trends And Rituals Throngs of believers from all corners of the State attend this festival, which is held in memory of Aloor Valiya Pookunjkoya Thangal - a Muslim saint of South Malabar.

The town is illuminated brilliantly and a pageant replete with traditional musical ensembles like 'Panchavadyam' and 'Thayambaka' is taken out in the night. Various art forms get under way on the banks of the river Bharathappuzha.

Silent Valley National Park is 40 kms Palakkad

Silent Valley National Park located 40 kms from Mannarkkad in the Palakkad district, echoes with the sounds of teeming wildlife. The denizens of this sprawling habitat of endangered virgin tropical forests include Rare Birds, Deer and Tiger. Perhaps, nowhere else can one also find such a representative collection of peninsular mammals as in this park, which was declared a National Park in 1980?

Thrithala is 75 kms from Palakkad

Situated along the banks of Bharathapuzha River, Thrithala is famed for its Shiva temple. Kattilmadom temple on the Pattambi-Guruvayoor road has archaeological importance. The small granite structure, a testimony of Buddhist influence, built probably during the 9th or 10th century. The ruins of a large fort with a deep moat hewn from laterite and the Kattil Madom temple, a domed structure of granite slabs on the Pattambi - Guruvayoor Road are the prime attractions.

Jain Temple

The 2,000-years-old Jain temple at Jainmedu is the remnant of what was once a thriving community of diamond traders. Four hundred Jain families lived here, with 24 wells, each dedicated to a tirtanker, till Tipu's invasion drove them to Wayanad. Descendants of one family are the keepers of its fascinating history. It is an impressive, silent monument overhung with trees and heavy with the weight of centuries.

Malampuzha Dam

At the Malampuzha dam, visit the snake park, and the beautiful nursery near the bus parking lot.


Kanjirapuzha is 24 kms from Palakkad this Catchment Lake of the dam lays in a single stretch. An evergreen forest, the 'Vettilachola', provides the backdrop to a lake surrounded by hillocks. During the rains, the mist-draped mountains create a picturesque landscape.


Kottayi is 15 kms from PalakkadThis village is the native place of the late Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar, the doyen of Carnatic music.

Chulannur Peacock Protection Centre

Mailadumpara, in Chulannur is situated 22 kms away from Palakkad town and 5 kms from Peringothukrish, is also famed. It is here the peacock protection center is located. Kunjan Nambiar Smrudhi forest is also here.


The city of Palakkad is not much popular or characterized with market infrastructures. The city doesn’t have any particular distinct product of its own Palakkad Shopping Info. This city is not commercially built up to the level. It is an agro-based civilization. Generally goods like textiles, handicrafts, handloom products and agricultural products take the main share of Palakkad markets Palakkad Shopping Info. Some main marketplaces like Palakkad, Chittur, Alathur, Shoranur, Mannarkkad, Pattambi and Cherpulassery are mentionable for this city of Palakkad Shopping Info As for the history of Palakkad goes, very little is known about it.