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Kozhikode (Calicut)

Once the capital of the powerful Zamorins and a prominent trade and commerce centre, Kozhikode was the most important region of Malabar in the days gone by Today, lush green countryside, serene beaches, historic sites, wildlife sanctuaries, rivers, and hills a unique culture and a warm, friendly ambience make Kozhikode a popular destination.

Kozhikode /Calicut General Information

  • Area -2345 sq. km
  • Population - 4, 20,600
  • Rainfall (annual) - 254cm
  • Temperature - Max 35.0oC Min 22.0oC
  • Tourist Season - September to May

How to get there

By Air
Nearest airport: Karipur (23 km from Kozhikode town) Daily flights to Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and the Middle East. The Chennai flight also touches Coimbatore and Madurai.

By Rail
Links all the major cities and tourist centers in India.

By Road
Well connected by road to all the major cities and tourist centers in India.

  • Hasan- 331 km
  • Coimbatore-186 km
  • Thrissur-102 km
  • Mangalore-224 km
  • Kochin -181 km

Pazhassiraja Museum and Art Gallery:

On display here are copies of ancient murals, antique bronzes, old coins, models of temples, megalithic monuments like dolmonoid cysts, umbrella stones etc. Adjacent to the museum is the Art Gallery, which exhibits an excellent collection of paintings by Raja Ravi Varma and Raja Varma.


This is the historic beach where Vasco da Gama landed on the 27th of May 1498 with 170 men in three vessels. The rock-studded beach is locally known as kappakadavu. An interesting feature of the landscape is the sprawling rock that protrudes into the sea. The temple on the rock is believed to be 800 years old.

Lokanarkavu Temple:

This temple, which is associated with the heroes and heroines of the Vadakkanpattu, combines an arresting simplicity and a legendary aura. The candid murals and carvings here are a delight to art lovers.

Tali Temple:

Built in the 14th century by Swamy Thirumulpad, the Zamorin, within his palace complex, this temple was the venue of Revathy Pattathanam, the annual cultural and intellectual event at the Zamorin's court. The Tali temple is a fine example of the total integration that can exist between wood and laterite, which is a remarkable feature of the Kerala style of architecture.

The backwaters of Kozhikode

Unexplored, unspoiled, the backwaters of Kozhikode hold great promises of enchanting holiday options. Elathur, the Canoli Canal and the Kallai River are favourite haunts for boating. Kadalundi, with its beautiful bird sanctuary is a charming site. Korapuzha, the venue of the Korapuzha Jalotsavam is fast becoming a popular water sport destination.


Kirtads 7 kms

This unique museum houses the tools and devices used by the ancient tribal communities of kerala. a good library with books on Anthropology and Sociology is and added attraction.

Beypore 10 kms

Beypore south of Kozhikode- Located at the mouth of the Chaliyar river, Beypore, one of the prominent ports and fishing harbours of ancient Kerala was an important trade and maritime centre. Ancient Beypore was much sought after by merchants from Western Asia, for its shipbuilding industry. The boat building yard here, famous for the construction of the Uru (the Arabian trading vessel), boasts a tradition of almost 1500 years.

Pazhassirajah Museum 5 kms

Situated 5 km from Kozhikode. Here exhibits of copies of ancient mural paintings, antique bronzes, old coins and models of temples and megalithic monuments are seen. The next door to the museum is the Art Gallery and Krishna Museum which has an excellent collection of paintings by Indian artists and wood and ivory carvings. Open from 9.30 am - 12.30 pm, 2.30 pm - 5.30 pm, closed on Mondays.

Tusharagiri 50 kms

Tusharagiri is located near Vythiri in Wayanad and is famous for its trekking tracks. Trekkers start early morning from the second waterfall and climb uphill through the pristine, dense evergreen forests populated with exotic birds and wildlife to reach Vythiri by evening.

Mananchira Square

A new attraction in the heart of the city, Manan-chira-maidan, is the sublimation of the concept of a planned modern city. The historic maidan, adjacent to Manachira has been converted into an arcadia with beautiful trees and plants, artificial hill,, shrubs, sculpture, an open air theatre and above all a musical fountain. No doubt, locals and tourists seeking leisure and relief from the mad rush outside, find shelter here. Mananchira Maidan is managed by the corporation of Kozhikode.


Kozhikode is also popular for local handicraft products like rosewood and buffalo horn carvings, coir products and miniature snake boats. While shopping in Kozhikode, visit the supermarket on Mavoor Road and CSI at Mananchira and Big Bazaar at SM Street for a wide variety of such products.