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Travel Kerala

Kerala is call God’s Own country, a coastal fringe that looks like paradise, Kerala reveals in its lagoons, rice fields and lush mountains, the charm and sweetness of South India. Glide along magical backwaters, between land and sea, to visit temples nestled in the hills and marvel at the generosity of nature. A trip to Kerala is an irresistible seduction. The House of India has traveled its shores and peppered trails: plunge into our offer of tours and seek our advice to make a custom itinerary, memorable & unforgettable, in the heart of this state blessed by nature and the gods.

Kerala Tours Operator invite you to discover the charm of rural villages and old counters, to cross furtively some wild animal in a national park ... And also to attend the timeless ritual of Theyyam, to mingle with the pilgrims to attend the parade of caparisoned elephants, lazing on the golden beaches of Kovalam or Mararikulam, which only the colorful spots of the fishermen's boats interrupt ... It's all this, a journey to Kerala. And more, during an invigorating stay in an Ayurvedic treatment center, where fatigue and anxiety give way to the smile and well-being, where the awakening senses are solicited by the fragrances of jasmine, frangipani, and by the beauty of the setting sun on the sea of ​​Arabia ...

Kerala Tour browse the most beautiful sites of Kerala and South India, such as our Luxury trains, train railway, luxury cruise and combine tours from North to Kerala in the Deccan ... Ideal for exploring these peaceful lands, between culture, spirituality and gardens of spices, far from the hustle and bustle of Indian cities.