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Kavaratti Island

  • Location: 10o-33*North Latitude 72o-38* East longitude, located 404 kms, from Cochin.
  • Population: 10113
  • Land Area: 4.22 sq. Kms.
  • Climate: The climate of the island is moderate

Kavaratti Island is one of the most beautiful gems from the Lakshadweep group of islands. The capital of Lakshadweep it is yet another island famous for its splendid sea views and the pristine white-sand beaches. Kavaratti lies 360 km from the shores of Kochi. It doesn't have its airport and Agatti is the nearest airport to the island. Under the mission to develop smart cities, Kavaratti has been chosen to be developed into a smart city in the years to come.

Kavaratti is a small island spread across an area of 3.93 sqm km, but there is no dearth of natural beauty at the islands. The island is a home to 12 atolls, five submerged banks, and three coral reefs. The spectacular views of the Arabian sea, the sparkling white-sand beaches offers solace amidst the tranquil nature

It is the Headquarters of the U.T Administration since 1964. You have enough time to explore the island. The beautiful calm lagoon forms an ideal spot for water sports, swimming & basking on warm sandy beaches. Marina life exhibits can be seen at the new Marine Aquarium, which has an excellent collection of specimens. Do not bother if you are not good swimmer, we have made viewing the exotic underwater world easier for you through our glass-bottomed boats. Kayaks & sailing yachts are available on hire. The dolphin dive center is another attraction of water sports enthusiasts. The beaches are laden with the swinging coconut trees, and once you take a dip inside the vast expanse, you can witness the abundant marine life of the island. Kavaratti is best known for its beautiful sceneries and the enthralling water sports.