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Andhra Pradesh is rich in historical monuments and many holy temples. Tirupati in Chittoor district hoses one of the most famous temples in India. The presiding deity is known as the Venkateswara. The main temple is situated on a hill top, Thirumalai, and is a masterpiece of south Indian architecture.The capital of the Andhra Pradesh is Amravati.

Fringed by the Bay of Bengal, many an alluring beach is tucked away along the coastline. The sea face of Visakhapatnam, besides its bustling harbour, has a single massive rock jutting into the ocean at a height of 174 m. Referred to as the Dolphin's Nose, the gigantic cliff has a powerful lighthouse that sends signals as far as 65 km. The beach front of Visakhapatnam is peaceful and enticing. Rishikonda and Bhimli are calm, making them aquatic playgrounds. Bhimunipatnam, 24 km from Visakhapatnam is a pleasure resort at the mouth of the river Gosthani. The idyllic beaches at Bapatla, Kalingapatnam, Maipad and Manginapudi are ideal picnic spots.

The northern area of Andhra Pradesh is mountainous. The highest peak Mahendragiri rises 1500 m above the sea level. The climate is generally hot and humid. Annual rainfall: 125 cm. The Krishna and Godavari are the major river systems in the state.

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Andhra Pradesh– General Information

  • Capital – New Proposed Amaravati
  • Official Language – Telugu
  • Area – 2, 75,068 Sq. Km
  • Area Rank – Eighth (8th)
  • Population – 4,93,86,799 (2011 census)
  • Population Rank – 10th
  • Sex Ratio – 993 females per 1000 males.
  • Literacy Rate – 67.4 %

How to get there

Andhra Pradesh is well connected to the air, rail and road network, A wide and well laid out air, rail and road network interconnects Andhra Pradesh to other parts of the country making reaching there easier

By Air
Andhra is well connected to other parts of the world though the international airport at HyderabadTirupati, Vishakhapatnam,Rajahmundry and Vijaywada are the other airport in Andhra that connects the state to other parts of the country.

By Rail
Andhra Pradesh is well connected by rail. About 5,085 kilometer of the railways route covering the state of Andhra Pradesh, how to reach Andhra Pradesh can never be a problem. Out of the total rail route about 4,362 km is broad gauge, 686 kilometer is meter gauge and 37 kilometer is narrow gauge.

By Road
Andhra Pradesh is well connected to other parts of the country through the road network. About 4,104 km of the National Highways network pass through the state of Andhra Pradesh. Get exclusive offer on Andhra Pradesh Tour Packages to plan your holiday.

Best Time to Visit

Andhra Pradesh lies at coastal part of southern India and famous for its temples, natural resources and rivers. The beauty of the place calls people from all across the globe throughout the year. But, there is always a best time to visit any place. On an average, the temperature remains hot and humid in the state. Best season to visit Andhra Pradesh is from October to February to visit the place as the temperature remains somewhere around 16°C. It is an ideal time for sightseeing around the different destinations of the state.

Season Month Temperature
Summer March to May 28 o C TO 45 o C
Monsoon June to Sep 25 o C TO 32 o C
Winter Oct to February 28 o C TO 45 o C

Society & Culture

Over 85% of the population of Andhra Pradesh speaks Telugu. However, there are important minorities. Tamil is widely spoken in the extreme south region, and on the border of Karnataka there are pockets of Kanarese or Kannada speakers.

As the home of rich folk tradition, Andhra Pradesh offers a variety of performing arts unique to its culture. Kuchipudi is the classical dance form of Andhra Pradesh. Lacquer toys, anakapalli articles, nirmal painted pottery, bidri-lead inlaid black metal trinkets, palm and slate articles, as well as Gadhwalk, Pochampalli and Dharmvaram silk saris are some of the amazing handlooms and handicrafts the state is renowned for.


Cuisine of Andhra Pradesh has a distinct flavor and is relished by many epicureans. Rice is the staple food and chillies dominate the native taste. The ubiquitous Andhra pickle, spicy in taste and flavor is the most appetizing dish. Even Gongura chutneys enhance the basic flavor of a meal. Papads roasted or fried are an often-preferred addition. To round off a sumptuous lunch, kheers, a variety of sweets and paans are veritable specialties.

Art & Craft

Andhra Pradesh has gained tremendous prestige and importance in the past years for its brilliant contribution in the field of music, dance and drama. Three kinds of people live at Andhra Pradesh, and they all have contributed to the fields of Arts and Crafts in Andhra Pradesh to make it one of the principle states in India. They include the original inhabitants, hill dwellers and tribal people. They have designed their own dances and in course of time these dances have won the hearts of millions across the world. Dance as an art form in Andhra Pradesh can also be classified as Social Dance, Religious Dance and Dance as a pastime. Apart from its dance form, artifacts such as leather and wooden items of Andhra Pradesh have gained recognition across the globe.

art and craft

Best crafts of Andhra Pradesh

The Banjara Needle Craft (Embroidery)
This craft is believed to have been originated among wanderers and nomads.

The Bidri Craft
This style of craft originated in Andhra Pradesh’s main city, Hyderabad. In this art form, silver work is done on metals with intricate carving. Using a sharp chisel, Bidri art entails engraving on a metal base. This metal base can be zinc, lead, copper or tin alloy. On these engraved patterns, wrapping of silver wires is done using a hammer. Hukkah bases, spoons, vases, different size boxes, pencil boxes, paper cutters, buttons and ash trays are some of the most popular bidriware products

Bronze Castings
Bronze castings are basically idols made from bronze. These are made on the basis of Shilpashastra verses. Dhyana was the name given to these verses and instructions to craftsmen were given to these verses. These instructions included information about proportions, physical measurements, symbols and deity description

The Budithi Brassware
This art style is also one of the unique in Andhra Pradesh. This craft is believed to have been originated in Budithi, a quaint village. Beautiful shapes are created from alloy in this art from. Modern as well as antique styles are used in these shapes.

The Metal Crafts
This craft style originated in Pembarthi a small village in the state of Andhra Pradesh. During Kakatiya reign, brass work was done intricately here

The Durgi Stone Craft
Originated from Durgi, located a small distance from Macherla, this art form is believed to have been originated. In Nagarjunakonda Museum, some exquisite pieces of this popular Durgi stone craft have been displayed

Kondapalli Toys
In Kondapalli district in Andhra Pradesh, a small place Tella Poniki is situated. This art form originated from this place. Using tamarind seed powder, sawdust, water colors and enamel gums, these toys were made. Hereditary craftsmen craft these real looking toys. The toys usually reflect deities or figures like women cooking, boy milking cow, etc

The Lacquer Craft
A distinguished appeal is imparted to an art product by applying lacquer on wood and this art form is usually seen in Andhra Pradesh’s Ethioppaka Nirmal art is popular in Adilabad district’s Nirmal town. This art form encompasses characters and scenes from Ramayana and Mahabharata, famous Hindu epics. Veena is also manufactured in the state and it is considered to be a popular art from. This is the most important facet of Carnatic music known for its harmony and melody all over the world.

Silver filigree is another art work in the state that is believed to have been originated in Karimnagar. Artisans working with dexterity come up with unique artefacts like hookahs, pann dans, Jewel boxes and many more. The state has today gained a lot of popularity for its amazing art and craft products. Since erstwhile times, the artisans and craftsmen of this state have gained a lot of farme for their work and skill. From generation to generation, this art craftsmen ship and skill have been passed on and is still flourishing


location of the state of Andhra Pradesh is between 77° and 84°40'East Longitude and 12°41' and 22°North Latitude. It is located in the southeastern part of India. Andhra Pradesh is the third largest state in India. The total area that is covered by the state is about 2, 75,068 Sq.Km.

Andhra Pradesh is surrounded by the Indian states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra. While Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and Orissa border Andhra Pradesh in the North and Tamil Nadu in the south, Karnataka in the West bound the state. The state is enclosed by Bay of Bengal from the East. Andhra Pradesh is the largest and the most populous with a total population of 76,210,007.

The whole state can be segmented into three main regions. These regions are:

  • The Coastal Andhra, which comprises of Srikakulam, Visakhapatnam, East Godavari, West Godavari, Krishna, Guntur, Ongole and Nellore districts. It is also known as the Northern Circars.
  • The Rayalaseema or Ceded districts, which consists the districts of Kurnool, Cuddapah, Chittoor and Anantapur.


Shopping in Andhra Pradesh can be a real fruitful experience

Famous for its Kalamkari and Bidri work, in addition to Buddhist Nirmal painting, buffalo hide puppets, ikat garments and the delicate silver filigree of Karimnagar, Andhra is a veritable treasure trove of beautiful crafts fashioned by skilled artisans. Kalamkari takes its name from the implements of the humble ‘Kalam’ i.e. pen Ikat is a form of weave where dyed threads are patterned into colorful fabrics. The repertoire of fine fabrics is not limited to ikat. Silk woven into a primarily cotton fabric, ‘himroo’ was the cloth of choice for the luxurious garments of the noblemen. The town of Pochampalli, Dharmavaram, Venkatagiri and Narayanpet give their names to special weaves, each unique to one town. A sari in any of these styles is bound to please any lady