Thaipooyam Mahotsavam

Type :Traditional
Months :
Location : Koorkancherry Sree Maheswara Temple, Koorkancherry, Thrissur

Devotees bearing the kavadis, spinning about to the rhythmic and catchy beats of the chenda and cymbals, onlookers reveling in divine bliss, and the hypnotic ambience is what the Thaipooyam festival of the Koorkancherry Sree Maheswara Temple is all about. This heady, divine concoction of rituals, colors, music, and dance, needs to be felt to be believed. The temple premises burst with scores of devotees from far and wide during the month of January / February to witness this spectacular festival. Lord Shiva is the presiding deity here and the Thaipooyam festival is celebrated in the name of Lord Subrahmanya, son of Lord Shiva.

The kavadiyattom which showcases a rich vibrancy of colors is one of the major attractions of this festival. The dance ritual starts in the morning where several groups such as ambalakkavadi and pookkavadi are formed on the basis of the shape of the 'Kavadi' is a richly decorated wooden arch) carried on shoulders.

In ambalakkavadi (ambalam meaning temple) the structure takes the form of a temple, which would be about six to ten feet high and is carried on the shoulders of a male devotee. The pookkavadi, a conical-shaped structure decorated with flowers, is also carried on the shoulder. The kavadiyattom is performed at night until dawn. The festival winds up with a spectacular display of fireworks.

How to get there

By Air

Cochin International Airport, about 58 km from Thrissur

By Train

Thrissur is just 2 km from Venue