Tea and Tourism Festival Ooty

Type :Culture
Month : January/Febraury
Location : Ooty, Tamil Nadu.

Celebrated in January, Tea & Tourism festival is one of its kind festival. Tea and Tourism festival is an initiative by the Ministry of Tourism and the Government of Tamil Nadu. The festival allures tourists from far and wide. Tourists exploring Ooty in January never miss a chance to attend this unique festival. In the cold climate of Ooty, sipping tea is one of the best ideas to keep you warm. Tourists, who love sipping tea, visit the premises to know more about their favorite drink and its different Flavours. They can even try some of the best tea cups.


As the name suggests, it is a tea festival. Organised every year to present different tea flavors, it is one of the unique festivals of Tamil Nadu. During the festival, visitors can collect almost every information about different kind of tea flavor’s available in the market. Tourists can also select, taste and even buy tea of their choice. The idea behind the festival is to provide information about the variety of tea, its benefits and the different tastes. Tea-lovers across the globe ensure their visit to Ooty during the festival.


Display of Tea

During this festival, the main focus remains on providing information about tea. Almost every type of tea is displayed during the festival. Tea and tourism festival is a perfect occasion for the tourists to collect information about the variety of tea available in the market. Tourists from far and wide mark their presence in the festival at this time. During the festival, tourists can also visit tea estates and factories in Ooty.

Cultural Events

Tea and Tourism festival is the best time to taste the cultural flavour of the state. Performers from all corners of Tamil Nadu participate in the festival to make it more interesting. Blend of tea and tourism makes it stand apart from the other festivals of Tamil Nadu. Dance performances, folk music and flavors of different tea make the aura magical.

How to Get There

By Air

The nearest airport of Coimbatore 88 Kms connectsOoty with other major cities of India and the world by frequent flights.

By Rail

The railhead of Ooty is Metupalaiyam Railway station 40 Kms away, connect with major southern cities. From there one has to take the further journey.

By Road

The good motor able roads connect Ooty with nearby towns. Regular bus services are available from Ooty to Coimbatore 88 Kms, Madurai 303 Kms, Mysore 125 Kms and other southern cities.