Pattadakkal Dance Festival

Type : Dance Festivals
Month : January
Location : Pattadakkal, Karnataka

Pattadakal is a small town located in the state of Karnataka, India. Every year in the month of January, a famous cultural dance event is held here that is known as Pattadakal Dance Festival. It is conducted against the backdrop of the famous Pattadakkal Temples that were constructed during 7th and 8th centuries. The temples are famous for their unique blend of north and south architectural styles

The Pattadakal Dance Festival is an annual event organized by the Government of Karnataka in the month of January. Pattadakal is popular for a number of temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. Out of these temples, about ten temples boast of both North Indian as well as South Indian architecture. The Pattadakal Dance Festival celebrates the glory of these beautiful temples. Renowned dancers from all over the country participate in this festival. Another major attraction of the Pattadakal Dance Festival is the craft mela.

Virupaksha Temple - built by Queen Lokamahadevi in 745, this temple was constructed to commemorate her husband King Vikramaditya's victory over the Pallavas. The temple features several sculptors including those of Nataraja, Ravananugraha lingodbhava, and Ugranarasimha.

Papanatha Temple - built in 680, this temple features the vesara style of architecture. Sculptures at the Papanatha temple depict scenes from the Ramayana and Mahabharata.

How to get Pattadakal

By Air
Visitors who arrive by air while coming to here to witness the Pattadakal dance festival have to come to Belgaum, Dabolim; it is the nearest airport from this town.

By Train
Those traveling by rail have to come to Badami, the nearest railway station.

By Road
Pattadakal is well connected by road to Bijapur, Bengaluru and Mysore