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Nizamabad – A popular princely district in Telangana situated at a distance of about 175 kms from North West of Hyderabad. The District derived its name as Nizamabad ( Nizam-a-abadi) from the Nizam of Hyderabad AsafJahi, VI who had ruled Deccan during the 18th Century A.D. Originally the district called was INDUR known to have originated in the name of king Indradatta who had ruled this region during 5th Century A.D. During the Prime Minister-ship of Sir Salar Jung-I in the 1876 A.D, the district is in the Nizam’s Dominion were re-organized where upon INDUR became a District.

Up to 2nd June-2014 the Nizamabad district was part of Andhra Pradesh State. After bifurcation of Telangana State Nizamabad district became one of the districts of Telangana State.

Nizamabad General Information

  • Area: 42.9 km²
  • Elevation: 395 m
  • Weather: 24°C, Wind SW at 2 km/h, 95% Humidity
  • Population: 412,500
  • Literacy: 73.81%
  • Summer – Cottons
  • Winters – Light Woolens
  • Rainfall 36 cm. Average yearly
  • Language: Hindi, Telgu, & English

How to Get There

By Air

The nearest Airport is at Hyderabad (225 Kms).

By Rail

Nizamabad Junction is well connected by rail, connecting to all southern Indian cities.

By Road

Nizamabad is connected to most cities and towns in southern India. Hyderabad 176 km, Bangalore 765 km.

Place to visit

Nizam Sagar Andhra PradeshNizamabad enthralls its visitors in the midst of its charming landscape, shimmering watercourses, rich vegetation and historical monuments. Tour to this ancient Indrapuri and experience the rich culture bestowed by the dynasties that ruled the region. Ample of interesting places in the region would become part of your sightseeing tours. And for sure, you will be mesmerized by the charm of this region, enveloped in natural splendor.

Nizam Sagar

Nizam Sagar is a colossal reservoir across Manjira River, a tributary of Godavari River. Known for its spectacular beauty, the landscape is accompanied by sprawling gardens. Many boarding and lodging facilities are available here for the tourists. Boating is an added attraction.

Asok Sagar

About 7 km from Nizamabad, Asok Sagar is a huge reservoir, with neatly laid-out garden and beautiful rocks. Amidst the reservoir, an exquisite 15 feet statue of Goddess Saraswati adds grace to the site. Here, you can tickle your taste buds at the octagonal shaped restaurant. This eco-tourism destination has a swinging bridge and boating facilities.


There is a locality by the name of Kanteshwar in Nizamabad. It is known for a temple that is approximately 500 years old. Dedicated to Lord Shiva (NeelaKanteshwar), this temple boasts of splendid architecture. It was built by the Satavahana king, Satakarni-II. Rathasapthami festival is observed here with grand celebrations.

Bada PahadDargah

Bada PahadDargah, literally Big Hill Mosque, is visited by scores of devotees every year. The mausoleum of Saint Syed SadullahHussaini is sited between the hills of Varni &Chandur. This site has been chosen for ropeway project.

Archaeological and Heritage Museum

Opened in October 2001, the Archaeological Museum contains countless artifacts and antiquities, which signify the growth of human civilization from the Paleolithic to Vijayanagar Times. It is divided into three sections - Archaeological Section, Sculptural Gallery and Bronze and Decorative Gallery, respectively.


About 8 km from Nizamabad, Sarangapur is renowned for a Hanuman Temple. It is believed that foundation of the shrine was laid by Saint SamarthaRamadas, who was the Guru of Chatrapati Shivaji in the 16th century. Apart from the temple, the Tourism Department has developed parks and hotels, facilitating tourists and pilgrims.

Dichipalli Ramalayam

Adjacent to Hyderabad-Nizamabad highway, Dichipalli Ramalayam is a temple situated at a distance of 15 km from Nizamabad. This temple is positioned on a hillock, where the presiding deity is Lord Rama. Built entirely in white and black basalt stone, the temple has got exquisite carvings on its walls and door frames.

Nizamabad Fort

Built by the Rashtrakutas, Nizamabad Fort is the pride of the city as well as the district. In 1311 AD, this Fort was occupied by AllauddinKhilji, followed by the Bahamanis, Qutub Shahis and eventually by AsafJahis. Dating back to the 10th century, the colossal fort is encircled by fortifications and bastions. Today, its spacious halls and summer house reflect the AsafJahi style of architecture.

Domakonda Fort Andhra PradeshBy now you must have known what all you would get to see in Nizamabad. Apart from the sightseeing trips, there are many nice tourist places to see around the city. These excursions would include splendidly designed monuments, ancient temples, spectacular sights, cascading watercourses and lush green gardens. Amidst all such interesting places, Nizamabad would offer you all this and much more to make your trip really an unforgettable one.


Bodhan is an industrial town, about 32 km from Nizamabad. It is known for housing remnants of structures, constructed by various rulers of different dynasties. The renowned Deval Masjid (mosque) is sited here. Being an important historical site, Bodhan attracts thousands of tourists.


Manchippa, a village submerged in natural beauty, is located 18 km from Nizamabad. This picturesque village has a huge reservoir, which has facilities of boating. People from all the nearby villages and towns come here to enjoy the scenic beauty. Away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, Manchippa offers perfect surroundings for those seeking solitude.

Domakonda Fort

Domakonda Fort is a fine specimen of defense architecture. This impregnable fort was renovated by the Reddy rulers in the 18th century. It had been under the possession of the Qutub Shahis and the AsafJahis at different times. Strong fortifications and numerous bastions made this fort unconquerable.

Ali Sagar

In 1931, Ali Sagar - a huge reservoir - was constructed by the Nizam. Amidst hillocks and beautiful flower gardens, Ali Sagar has become the centre of attraction amongst the people of nearby areas. It is situated at a distance of 10 km from Nizamabad. Boating is an added attraction at this eco-tourism site.

LimbadriGutta (Hills)

About 55 km from Nizamabad, Limbadri Hill presents a panoramic view of the landscape. It is also known for Narasimha Swamy Temple, where a grand celebration is observed, from Kartika SuddaThadiya to Trayodasi. Along with spectacular scenes, the hill offers moments of quietude and solitude.

Mallaram Forest

An ideal destination for trekking, Mallaram Forest is to be found at a distance of 7 km from Nizamabad. It has a variety of trees, plants and herbs. For eco-tourism, Mallaram is the perfect place entrenched in natural splendor. A pagoda and a view-point tower are the main attractions inside the forest.

Rock Formations-Armoor Road

Armoor is a natural stopover for the traffic on the highway. This site boasts of hillock of boulders, resultant of natural weathering over 1.45 billion years. NavanathaSiddeswara Temple is sited on top of the hill. According to the folklores, Navanathas or Siddhas (revered sages) still reside in the natural caves of these hillocks. A gorge nearby is believed to have curative properties in its waters.