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Long Island

Long Island, Just 82 kms and 47 nautical miles from Port Blair and 35 kms north of Havelock, Having an area of about 18 Sq, Km, is a modern village with population of around 2000 having many plus points and facilities generally not available in other village of Bay Islands. It has its own power-house, Long Island is a dreamland settlement without any road network

Connected by boat four times a week from Phoenix Bay Jetty, this island offers an excellent sandy beach at Lalaji Bay, unpolluted environment and evergreen forests. The sea around the island is frequented by dolphin convoys. Lalaji bay, 6 kms, Away from the boat jetty, is accessible by 15 minutes journey in dinghies or trekking through the forest. Directorate of Tourism offers island camping during season

Long Island General Information

  • Area: 14 kms
  • Population: 343,125
  • Average Climate: 21o C-31o C
  • Best time to visit: October to May
  • STD Code: 03192

How to get Long Island

By Speed Boats

There are regular boats from Port Blair to Long Island thrice a week with stopovers at Neil Island and Havelock.

By Bus

You would need to get a bus early from Port Blair to arrive in Rangat early enough to catch the 4pm boat from Yeratta (near Rangat) to Long Island. There are later buses up to 11am but the journey takes 6 hours, so you may have to stay the night in Rangat and get the 9am boat to Long Island.

How to get there

Surrounded with some beautiful beaches, village and dense forests, Long island is a perfect to relax and release all your worries. It is easily reachable from the capital, Port Blair that is well-connected to all major cities like Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai.

By Air

Veer Savarkar International airport is the nearest airport to Long island. Further, there is easy availability of regular boats from Port Blair to Long Island.

By Sea (Ferry)

There are number of scheduled boats available from Port Blair to Long Island. Moreover, these boats return to Port Blair via Havelock and Neil islands.

By Road

There are frequent buses available from Port Blair to all major cities and nearby islands. You can take bus from Port Blair to Rangat and further, from Rangat there are regular boats to Long Island.

Accommodation and food

ANIIDCO Yatri Niwas, Blue Planet Resort and APWD Forest Rest House are the only places offering accommodation at Long Island. Built at beautiful locations, all the options offer a comfortable stay. There are 3 restaurants which serve delicious food to all the guests. Guests can enjoy south Indian thalis, snacks and chai at these restaurants.

Bes time to visit Long Island

Best time to plan a trip to Long Island is during winter months when the weather is pleasant. However, the climate throughout the year varies within the range of 27 degree Celsius to 32 degree Celsius.

Place to visit Long Island

  • Vast marine wealth and exclusive beaches, cosy caves, green hills and magnificent mangroves – a perfect package for adventure tourism
  • The pristine beauty of Long Island and adjacent islands in the form of lush green tropical forests, untouched virgin beaches coupled with unique Marine ecosystem attracts the tourists from different parts of India and abroad
  • The Islands have dense tropical forests of all types ranging from Tidal Swamp forests to Evergreen Forests
  • It has beautiful virgin silvery beaches along its coasts at Lalaji Bay and Merk Bay of North Passage Island adjacent to Long Island
  • Cruising through the creek at Yerrata and the sunset view from Long Island can attract any nature lover to these places. Long Island is also a paradise for birding.

Lalaji Bay Beach, in Long Island

Rangat falls in Middle Andaman. There are regular boats from Yerrata Jetty in Rangat to Long Island. One way ride takes about 1.5 hrs and goes through beautiful creek making it a memorable journey. Lalaji Bay beach is a beautiful, sandy beach on the west coast of Long Island. One has to take a boat from Rangat jetty to reach here. The boat ride is quite comfortable and takes around 1.5 hrs. The boat cruises through Mangrove creek thus providing equally scenic views around. From Long Island jetty, one has to take a fiber boat to get to the West coast and then walk a few kilometers to reach the beach. The island has a long, sprawling white sandy beach with clear water. One can easily bask in the sun or get immersed in the clean water to give a treat to mind and body.

lalaji beach

Thing to do in Long Island

  • First of all, relax and give yourself time to adapt to the pace of life on this beautiful island.
  • Plan a trip to Guitar Island. Neighboring ‘Guitar Island’ is stunning
  • A varied and rewarding trek exists through the main village, plantations, fields, regenerated forest and primary rainforest on Long island for those travelers who wish to explore. This is a 6 km trail starting at the jetty and ending at Lalaji Bay. Another small trail runs north from Lalaji Bay, leading to a secluded cove with calm water, some regenerating coral and a white sandy beach. It is perfect for those who want to snorkel or sunbathe in complete privacy.
  • Snorkel and Scuba Diving: The Andaman Islands are a world-class destination for scuba diving, and the area around Long Island has some of the best dive sites in the Andamans.
  • Day trips: You can take boat trip to Lalaji and or Merk Bay, on North Passage Island, the most delightful, secluded beach, where you can see dolphins also
  • You can venture further afield to the exotic Button Islands: North Button, South Button and Middle Button are accessible from Long Island.
  • Day trips: You can go to Rangat in North Andaman for a day trip: it’s a lovely boat ride through the mangrove creeks, and you can shop in the main bazaar at Rangat and/or visit the beach at Amkunj.

Merk Bay Beach in North Passage

Island comes under the area of Middle Andaman. On the way to the island, one can see Strait island on the right and Guitar Island on the left. Near to the North Passage Island, one can also see three small islands on the opposite side that are said to be the North, Middle and South islands. Merk Bay Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Andamans. Fine, white sand in contrast with the blue water makes the perfect setting for a day out. The beach is safe for bathing and good snorkeling options. It is also a good spot for bird watching. The sea around the island is famous for playful Dolphins.

How to get Merk Bay Beach

Hire a boat that takes an hour from Long Island and approx. two hours from Yeratta Jetty. Since isolated island, carry your food and water. Start early in the morning. Suitable for day visit only.


This Chicken Neck shaped North Passage Island, 30 kms northeast of Havelock island, is situated between Strait island immediately to its south (home to the last remnants of the Great Andamanese tribe), Guitar island and Long island immediately to the north. To the east of North Passage island, across the channel, lies John Lawrence island in Ritchie’s archipelago and much closer west lies the expanse of Middle Andaman. The island has a beautiful beach – Merk Bay – on its north-eastern side. The western side of North Passage Island offers calm and sheltered waters between North Passage and Middle Andaman.

Guitar Island

Guitar Island a lovely island near Long Island, Guitar Shaped, and this island is one of the most beautiful islands. Guitar Island is an uninhabited Island and no accommodation facility is available. Tourists need to halt either at Long Island or Rangat.

How to reach Guitar Island

Guitar Island can be approached from Long Island by Fiber Boat or Speed boat which takes about 15 Minutes. The Fiber Boat leaves you near the tip of the island shore. From there one can walk along the long, narrow, creamy beach. The water is as expected crystal clear and the silence that the air holds, gives amazing peace to the mind. To best enjoy the beach, go in the morning, carry a hammock & a book, and laze around the beach for hours. There is a neighboring island, right opposite to Guitar Island, called Small Guitar Island because it also looks like a guitar, smaller in size!

Advisory for Tourist

All tourist are required to ensure that while undertaking snorkeling, they are accompanied by trained snorkel guide, who has been licensed /certified by National Institute of water sports (NIWS)