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Kanthuri Festival

Type :Cultural
Month : April & May
Location : Tamil Nadu

Kanthuri Festival : It is a truly secular festival, where devotees flock to the shrine of saint Quadirwali. One of the descendants of the Saint is chosen as a Peer or spiritual leader, and is honoured with offerings. On the tenth day of the festival, the Saint's tomb is anointed with sandalwood, and later the holy sandal paste is distributed to everyone. . This is popularly called as Santhana sandal Koodu Festival. The sandal paste is distributed to the devotes.

Several devotees come to Tamil Nadu to witness this significant event and be a part of it. This event is generally celebrated between the months of July and August. This holy sandal paste is believed to possess special powers and acts as a remedy for illness. Kanthuri Festival is renowned at NagoredurgahnearNagapattinam.