Inavolu (Iloni) Mallanna Jatara

Type :Religion
Month : January
Location :Inavolu, Telangana

The temple was built by Kakatiya rulers and dates back to 11th century.

Inavolu Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple situated at Inavolu village of Vardhannapet Mandal Warangal District and Telangana State is one of the ancient Lord Shiva temples in South India.

The temple dates back to 11th century and was built by Kakatiya rulers. It was built with 108 pillars and has a giant magnificent NruthayaMandapam on eastern side. Historical Kakatiya KeertiToranams (Giant Rocky Entrance Gates) were initially constructed here and subsequently at Warangal fort.

The presiding deity Shiva lingam of the temple referred to as ‘Ardhapranavattam’ (Shivalinga with half doom). The temple has four entrance gates with rich architectural carvings that epitomizing the cultural sophistication of Kakatiya dynasty.

The temple was built by a minister Ayyanna Deva of Kakatiya Kingdom – hence the name Inavolu. The presiding deity Sri Mallikarjuna Swamy is considered as one of the incarnations of Lord Siva. Mostly the Yadavaspatronise the temples built for the deity.

Main Jatara Celebrations at Inavolu:

The famous Inavolu Mallanna Jatara has begun on a grand note here on Bhogi. The religious event of historic Inavolu Mallikarjuna Swamy Jatara begins on Bhogi, the preceding day of Sankranti festival and continues till Ugadi the Telugu New Year. Grand Celebrations of Makara Sankranti - Maha Shiva Rathri - Ugadi - Deepavali - Every Masa

How to Get There

By Air

The nearest airport of Warangal 10 Kms and Hyderabad 167 Kms, Vijaywada 134 Kms, connects Inavolu with other major cities of India and the world by frequent flights.

By Rail

The nearest railway stations from Inavolu are Vinukonda 10 Kms and Kurichedu railway station 13 kms and Warangal 16 Kms . From there one has to take the further journey.

By Road

The good motor able roads connects Inavolu with nearest cities ,Warangal 10 Kms, Vijaywada 134 Kms, Hyderabad 167 Kms and other southern cities for further journey.