Float Festival

Type :Cultural
Months :
Location : Madurai, Tamil Nadu

Madurai, in Tamil Nadu, is known popularly as the 'City of Festivals' and among the many festivals big and small which take place there throughout the year, one of the most picturesque is the float Festival or 'Teppothsavam'. On that day, the idols of Goddess Meenakshi and her consort Lord Sundareswaran are taken in grand procession to the big lake called Teppakolam, and drawn round and round a shrine built in the middle of the small island in the centre of the lake, seated on a decorated float called 'Teppa'. The float festival was originated in the 17th century by king Thirumala Nayaka who reined in the local story is that the king had a new palace built and to make bricks for it, a great excavation was made. Later, he converted the excavated depression "into a sixteen acre lake, fed the same by the Vaigai River through underground channels and built the temple of Ganesha on the artificial island in the middle

Soon afterwards, a display of fireworks starts on the shore and an answering bouquet of red and green flares soars up from the central island. Another gun signal booms and the float begins to move. The water ripples and the reflections of colored lights form ever changing patterns. As the raft makes its slow round of the lake, the fireworks continue and the people cheer and fold their hands in prayer to the deities. After completing a full round, the float is brought to the shore and the divine idols are taken out with great ceremony. Then follows the enactment of scenes from the legend relating to the deities, finally, the idols are mounted on a beautifully decorated golden horse and return to the main temple in a great procession.

This float festival attracts large number of tourists and visitors and the entire city wears a festive appearance. This float festival attracts large number of tourists and visitors and the entire city wears a festive appearance

How to Get There

By Air

It is connected by Air with Chennai & Mumbai. Madurai Airport is 10 Kms away from Madurai City.

By Rail

It is connected by Rail with all major cities Chennai and Tirunelveli. Madurai is on the Madurai-Tiruchirappalli- Dindigul - Quilon line. The Vaigai Express, which is a super-fast day train between Chennai Egmore and Madurai, takes 7 hours for the 495kms.

By Road

Madurai is well connected with all major cities through National High ways 7 & 45. The Pallavas during the seventh century. Madurai City has 5 Major Bus Stand.