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The district headquarters, Belgaum is a picture of contrasts. On one side is the old town area where the cotton and silk weavers still create magic with their fingers, and on the other the modern bustling ,tree-lined cantonment built by the British. In the heart of Belgaum, near the bus terminus is the fort. At the entrance are two shrines. One devoted to Ganapathi and another to Durga.

Inside the fort are two baths in the late Chalukyan style. Of these, the more famous is the kamala basti, built in 1204. Come out of Kamala basti and you will find another ruined Jain temple to its right Co-existing harmoniously with their temples are two ancient mosques –the saga Masjid and the Jama Masjid. Near the 16th century Jamia Masjid is a dargah of Khanjar wali.

Step out of the fort and you have a wide choice of temples and churches to visit. The kapileshwara temple – said to be the oldest, the oldest, the Ananthashayana temple, the Maruti temple and the temple of Shiva, Vithoba, Dyamavva and Militory Mahadeva. Another historical site is the Pampa Sarovara Built specially for the 1924 All India congress seassion which was presided by mahatma Gandhi

Belgaum General Information

  • Area: 13,415 Sq. Km.
  • Population: 4214505
  • Altitude: 779 m above sea level
  • Rainfall: 717 mm average
  • Languages: Hindi, Kannada, Telugu & English
  • Temperature:
  • Summer (Min 18 Max 34.2)
  • Winter (Min 12.3 Max 18)
  • Clothing: summer: Light Cotton
  • Winter: Heavy woolen
  • Best time: August to March

How to get there

By Air
Belgaum has an airport

By Rail
Belgaum is connected by rail to Bangalore via londa, Bombay via Miraj and Vasco de Gama

By Road
Belgaum is connected by road to most places in south and west India there are

  • Bangalore – 502 kms
  • Soundatti – 75 kms
  • Halshi – 36 kms
  • Goa  -125 kms
  • Kittur  - 44 kms
  • Hubli – 82 kms
  • Bijapur – 205 kms
  • Gokak – 60 kms
  • Badami – 160 kms
  • Karwar – 167 kms

Barajanacha Vazar (Kalsa waterfall)

Village Kankumbi, Via Jamboti - in the forests not suitable to try it without proper guide


Vil.Gawali, Village Chikla, Via Jamboti - in the forests Not suitable to try it without proper guide

Chigul Valley & Kendra

Village Chigule, Via Jamboti - in the forests Not suitable to try it without proper guide

Kalsa Sural Trek

Village Kankumbi, Via Jamboti - in the forests.Not suitable to try it without proper guide

Gokak Falls (80 km)

In the Gokak falls, the Ghataprabha River creates a grand spectacle by cascading down from a height of 170 feet. Remnants of ancient monuments from the Chalukya era can be seen on either banks of the rocky gorge.

Yellamma Temple (80 km)

Yellamma temple located in Saundatti is the shrine of Renuka, the wife of sage Jamadagni. The Yellamma Devi fair, held on many occasions between October and February, is a major tourist attraction.

Kittur (44 km)

Kittur is famous for being the birthplace of Rani Chennamma who fought against the colonial rule of the British in 1824. The Bassava temple here contains inscriptions on stone, belonging to the 12th century.

Vajrapoha Falls (30 km)

Nestled amidst the green canopy of Western Ghats, the breathtaking Vajrapoha falls is created by the River Mahadayi tumbling down from a height of 60 meters into a rocky ravine.

Belgaum is famous for its Toys. Made of locally - available wood, yellow teak and even leather.

Gokak Toys two are very popular bright colorful vegetables, fruits, cradles, toys masks, images of deities and palanquins. You also get some good pottery and gold and silver Jewellery