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A perfect blend of old world charm and new age beliefs, Ananthapur is a veritable tourist haven. Puttaparthi, the home of Sri Satya Sai Baba, believed to be the reincarnation of Shirdi Sai Baba, is located in Ananthapur.

From places of historical interest such as the Penukonda and Rayadurga Forts to places of religious significances like Lepakshi and Dharmavaram, Ananthapur has it all. Another site worth visiting is Thimmamma Marrimanu, an amazing 550 years old banyan tree that has found mention in the Guinness Book of world record for its enormous size. All this and much more await the keen sightseer at Ananthapur.

Ananthapur – General Information

  • District Population: 3,183,781
  • Area: 19, 130 Sq. km
  • Altitude: 337 Mtr.sea level  
  • Climate: Tropical
  • Clothing: Light Cottons
  • Language: Hindi, Telugu, English  
  • Beat period to visit: Sep to Feb
  • Rainfall: seasonal
  • Location: Western most part of state of Andhra Pradesh
  • River: Peena, Chthravathi, Vedavathi or Haqani, Papagni
  • STD Code: 08554
  • Temperature:
  • Summer: Mar-Jul 30°c to 40°c
  • Winter Oct- Feb Jun 20 °c to 27°c

How to get there

By Air
Puttaparthi which is 80 km south of Anantapur is the nearest airport with scheduled air services while Bangalore, 215 km away has an international airport and is well connected to rest of India.

By Rail
Dharmavaram is the nearest rail head.

By Road
Anantapur City is well connected to most major cities in India by the National Highways 7 and 205.


Located at a distance of 47 Kms from Ananthapur, Dharamavaram is well-connected both by rail and road.The Sri Lakshmi Chennakeshwara temple is renowned for its architectural brilliance and for the perennial waterspout and pillars, which produce seven different musical notes when struck. Dharmavaram is also known for its cottan and silk weaving industry with its silk sarees popular all over the world. This place is also known for its expertise in making leather puppets.

Penna Ahobilam

Located at a distance of 12 Kms from Uravakonda and 36 Kms from Ananthapur, it is well connected by road with frequent bus services. The Lakshmi Narasimha Swami temple is located amidst lush greenery, on the banks of a rivulet of Pennar. Myth has it that this temple was built on the footprint of Lord Lakshmi Narasimha Swami measuring 5 feet 3 inches. The temple is a popular location for marriage ceremonies. A grand car festival is conducted annually in the month of April. Other temples within the complex included Adi Laxmi Devi temple and Chenchu Laxmi Devi temple.

Penukonda Fort

Penukonda is located 50 Kms from Ananthapur on the Bangalore highway and is well connected by road with frequent bus services.

One of the early capitals of the Vijayanagara Empire, the fort was impregnable during its time. The two most noteworthy sights in the fort are the “Gagana Mahal”, the summer resort of the kings and the “Babayya Darga”, a splendid example of communal harmony.

Gooty Fort

Gooty is located at a distance of 52 Kms from Ananthapur on the Kurnool, Bangalore national highway and is well connected by rail and road

Majestically located at a height of 300 mts. on a hill, is the Gooty fort, one of the oldest hill forts in Andhra Pradesh. Built during the Vijayanagara era, the fort is uniquely built in the shape of a shell with 15 main doors and is significant for its water resources available at such a height.


The Lord Veerabhadra Temple in Lepaskshi is renowed the world over as one of the 108 Shaiva temples of India. It is a typical example of exquisite Vijayanagara architecture. The dance hall or the Natyamandapa is supported by 100 pillars finely sculpted with figurings of dancing gods. From the middle of the hall emerges a dome, twenty one feet in height reminiscent of a giant lotus reaching out to heaven. The temple also houses a life size figure of Veerabhadra, sculpted in granite along with carvings of the giant Naga linga, Gandharvas, Ganesha etc.


Located at a distance of 90 Kms from Ananthapur, it is well connected by road. Tadipatri has many religious monuments of interest located in and around the town is the Chintala Venkataramana temple with its lofty gopura. At a distance of 1 Km from the town, overlooking the Pennar River is the Bugga Ramalingeshwara temple, remarkable for a lingam on a pedestal, constantly filled with water from a small spring.

Sri Kadiri Laxmi Narayana Swami Temple

Location 100 Kms from Ananthapur Legend has it that Kadiri is the holy shrine where Lord Vishnu set his foot, and handed over the Utsavamoorthis to Brugu Maharishi for his daily worship. Special poojas are performed during Dassera and Sankranti.

It is said that devotees who offer prayers here get relieved of their sorrows, sufferings and sins. There are several sacred thirthas connected to the temple that are well worth a visit.


Situated 97 Kms from Ananthapur, it is well connected by road, rail and air. Prasanthinilayam the abode of peace at Puttaparthi is famous worldwide as the home of Sri Satya Sai Baba. All religious are respected here and all.


Located 70 Kms from Ananthapur, set amidst lush green trees, towering hills and bathed by splendid warefalls is the picturesque village of Alur a perfect picnic spot. It is also the location of the Ranganatha Swami temple which offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape. The temple is famous for the annual car festival celebrated on the auspicious full moon day in March-April.

Thimmamma Marrimanu

Location about 100 Kms from Ananthapur, near the village of “Gutibayalu”, it can be reached easily by bus.Thimmamma Marrimanu is a huge banyan tree, over 550 years old, covering an area of 2.1 acres. The tree is named after Thimmamma who according to popular tradition saved her husband through her selfless devotion. On the occasion of Sivarathri, a big Jatara is held here which attracts thousands of pilgrims.

Rayadurga Fort

Located at a distance of 130 Kms from Ananthapur, Rayadurg is well connected by road and rail.The fort was built by the Vijayanagara kings and has inscriptions indicative of the period on its walls.Located within the fort is the Rassasiddula temple. Carved out of a single stone, the temple is embellished whit fine sculptures depacting Jain gurus and their disciple. In the proximity are other sites like Rama Temple, Narasimha Swami Temple Neelakaneshwara Swami temple and Jambukeshwara Temple


Located at a distance of 148 Kms from Ananthapur, Hemavathi is well connected by road with frequent bus and private transport facilities. Hindupur is the nearest railhead.

The temple town of Hemavathi is famous for the Doddeswara Swami temple built during the Pallava reign.The stone used inmaking the idols sounds like metal when struck and is also remarkably polished. A Nandi made of black basalt granite 8 feet in length and 4 feet in height, site at the entrance. There is a 6 feet tall lingam installed insite the sanctum sanctorium. The temple areas houses two other temples dedicated to Lord Shiva called the Siddeshwara Swami temple and Mallikarjuna Swami temple There is a museum inside which has on display rare idols of historical importance.Some distance away is the Gorantla temple also worth a visit.